The Power of Forward Thinking: Discipline of the Mind

Nov 18, 2020

The mind will only go where you give it permission to travel. Negative thoughts create a negative mindset and positive thoughts create a positive one. Optimistic thoughts can generate a sense of hope, purpose, faith, leading you to a forward-thinking path. But experiencing these attributes will require a disciplined mind. 

Improve your ability to discipline your mind and become a forward thinker with these five strategies.

Be optimistic about yourself and your journey. Empower yourself through positive thinking to help you focus better on your goals.

the power of forward thinking discipline of the mind

Create specific goals and objectives you want to accomplish. Perhaps you want to launch a product, lose weight or take a family vacation this year. Daily and frequent reminders will help you train your mind to focus on what you must do to accomplish each one.

Focus your thoughts and attention on doing what is needed for you to maintain a positive mindset. Journaling, exercise, open dialogue or personal declarations of success are all examples of activities that can help keep your thoughts positive. Don’t give your thoughts permission to waiver from what’s most important to you.  

Take ownership of your thoughts.  As often as needed, remind yourself that your mind belongs to you and you have the power and authority to control whatever you are thinking. Frequent affirmations can be the difference between giving up or moving forward. 

Commit your mindset and stay attached to your faith. The confidence and beliefs you have will lead you to improve your personal and career development.  

Start applying these five strategies to help you become a better forward thinker, improving your overall perspective on life. You’ll be glad you did.  

-Derius D. Swinton, M.S.W.
The SOAR Group


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


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