The Most Valuable Resource that Can’t Be Replenished

May 26, 2020

The most valuable resource readily available and active throughout a person’s life is TIME. Time is one of the most underutilized and underappreciated resources in existence. We cannot slow it down. We cannot stop it. We can’t change the direction, arrangement, or appearance of time. The one thing we can do is effectively and efficiently manage the time available to us because time has been, is, and will always be in the present state for every human being.  

Below are eight things you can do to better utilize, appreciate, and maximize your limited time.

  1. Appreciate the time you have. Communicate positive affirmations about the opportunity to experience life, regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Acknowledge the limitations of time. Always try to be aware of your time, so you can make better use of it. Time is quantitative. A second, minute or hour cannot be extended beyond its purpose and existence.
  3. Do not waste time waiting for more time. Sometimes it is good to wait for the right time to do something. But, waiting for more time will not add any additional time beyond its existence. You can lose it, or you can use it while it exists. 
  4. Use your present time wisely. At the end of each day, ask yourself the question, “Did I use my time wisely?” Your truthful and honest answer will educate you about whether you did or did not use that free and available time effectively, efficiently, and productively.
  5. Use your present time effectively. Make every effort to experience something meaningful, satisfying, positive, or rewarding. This will serve as an indicator of the use or misuse of your time.
  6. Use your present time to be productive. Put forth every effort to accomplish something. You just might appreciate the time you invested and the results it yields. Remember, being productive will require time.
  7. Do not put off doing something tomorrow when you can do it now. Seize the present moment and time to do whatever can be done and should be done right now. Doing it now will give you future time to do other things.
  8. Enjoy life and your limited time while you and it exist. Life, with its ebb and flow, is a one-way journey. Both time and life cannot be duplicated nor repeated.

 It is incumbent upon every person to maximize the limited time and opportunity to make every effort to create and maintain a lifestyle that is worthy of living, appreciating, and remembering.

Time doesn’t discriminate. It’s present, just, consistent, fair, and always moving forward. Increase the worth of your most valuable resource.

-Derius D. Swinton, M.S.W.
The SOAR Group

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash


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