Organizational Development – Changing for the Better

Jun 18, 2020

Acknowledging that cities, communities, and localities throughout the United States and abroad are drastically changing, by any means necessary, what are some ways we can embrace and institute changing for the better? How can we introduce, manage and enforce changes as it relates to organizational development, such as treating everyone fairly, providing equal opportunity for everyone, eliminating how law enforcement interacts with select individuals or groups of people, holding individuals and city agencies accountable, and eradicating the misuse of authority and force on a specific or targeted group of people?

If we, as a people are serious about changing for the better; if we, as a people, are committed to making some overdue changes that will help improve relationships and agencies to prevent or reduce police brutality and create policies that hold entities accountable for their actions, we must establish something new. We have to establish new practices that will help maintain the life, worth and dignity of other people. 

Here’s what I think can be done to move us forward into changing for the better. 

The first thing we can do to change for the better is to acknowledge there is a need for positive, constructive, and appropriate change. Clearly acknowledging and embracing this fact is the foundation for transitioning to the next thing we can do to change for the better.  

Second, clearly identify and reach an agreement on the area(s) that need changing.Whether it be certain communities, persons, groups, agencies, or organizations, it’s important to specify the entity. Clearly state why that person, group, agency, or organization are in need of change and follow through accordingly. 

Third, state the benefits or rewards when positive, constructive changes are made. It’s also useful to state the possible consequences or results if specific changes are not made. Doing this will provide greater understanding and clarity to support your goal in changing for the better.

Fourth, create an action plan. Creating an action plan will serve as a tool for keeping you focused on what it is you need to do to be productive and successful on your road to change. Without a plan, you might find yourself fragmented and going in many different directions resulting in confusion and frustration. 

Organizational Development - Changing for the Better

Fifth, implement your action plan. This will require you to transition from talking the talk to walking the walk. This will also help transition your plan from rhetoric to action. Remember, action speaks louder than words. Once you begin implementing your plan, you will quickly experience progress, productivity, specific results, and success.

Lastly, evaluate your action plan. This is a crucial component to both personal and organizational development. You want to be able to access and validate the results from your actions. You want to validate if your contributions are making changes for the better. You do not want your actions to be done in vain. Evaluate whether your goals, objectives, and tasks are being achieved. Evaluate the impact and results of your actions. Evaluate what is working and identify areas in need of improvement. You want to make sure all changes are for the better and that the changes are making a positive, meaningful, needed, and productive difference.

It is my hope you will share this information with your colleagues, friends, family members, and everyone who is committed to making positive, meaningful, and needed changes in this country and maybe other parts of the world as well. Personal and organizational development is key.

Derius D. Swinton

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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