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One of the most effective tools to help improve your personal and professional development. The Soar Group possess the skills and expertise to transition your goals into reality.

The Soar Group has a proven track record for facilitating a full array of meetings, seminars, retreats and interactive sessions with diverse groups throughout the United States and abroad.

Whether it’s a keynote address or a motivational speech The Soar Group will educate, inspire and empower every person to take action, while leaving them captivated and wanting more.

The Soar Group will create custom tailored courses that will address your interest and transition your goals and principles into practice, ultimately delivering a higher level of performance.


The Soar Group is a subsidiary of Swinton & Associates LLC. We are a nationally recognized 8(a) certified minority-owned business that specializes in professional development training, motivational speeches, and coaching.



The Soar Group
2448 Falkirk Drive

North Chesterfield, Virginia 23236

phone: 804.674.9550 | fax: 804.308.2765

email: thesoargroup@gmail.com

The Soar Group educates, inspire and empower you to soar beyond your limitations. Our clients are Government Agencies, Human Service Agencies, Schools, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Corporations, Businesses and Professional Groups as well as Individuals. For more information please contact us at (804) 674-9550 or thesoargroup@gmail.com 

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